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Pen Perfection: Pilot's G-TEC-C4


“The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp”

-Terry Pratchett


From Hed Writer Lesley:

There's something comforting about having a favourite pen. Mine is Pilot's G-TEC-C4. I remember being obsessed with it back when I was just 10 years old. We used it to compete in class to see who could write in the tiniest handwriting. I doubt our teacher appreciated our competitive spirit.

10 years on, the g-tec (as I ever-so-affectionately like to call it) remains my favourite pen.

I like lists. So here's one on why the g-tec is so awesome:

1. It feels like it's engineered to be twirled.

Yes I'm one of those. The g-tec's cap clip is ideal for pushing off from and the pen's top heavy-ness creates the perfect centre of gravity that allows me to complete several rounds (and there you were thinking pen twirling's an art!)

2. Unlike most other ink-based pens, the g-tec doesn't have to be capped immediately to prevent it from drying out.

In fact, just last night I forgot to cap my pen before going to sleep. Needless to say, it was working just as perfectly as ever this morning. This feature is especially important to me because I tend to set out all my pens in front of me before I start to do work. And I find it a lot easier to just uncap them all, allowing me to grab and go!


3. It's inky, but not to an annoying extent.

Everyone knows that the advantage of an inky pen is that it's inky. But everyone also knows that that's its disadvantage too. Most inky pens tend to do that annoying thing where they form huge blobs if left in 1 spot for too long. Fortunately, the g-tec doesn't.

4. This is a bit juvenile, but I just love seeing the ink level decrease with use.

I find it so satisfying being able to mark my work levels just by looking at how fast I use up g-tec refills. Which is my next point...

5. The g-tec has refills!

These refills cost about half the price of the entire pen which is both financially and environmentally economical.


6. It comes in many, many colours!

This might sound equally as juvenile but it really isn't. The different colours really help when it comes to note taking. This picture really doesn't do the colour range justice though. These are just the colours that I have. Fluorescent and metallic shades are available as well.

7. It's fine point (pun intended).

I'm one of those people whose handwriting always seems to change and there are just some pens which produce good handwriting and some pens which don't. And yes, for those who ensure Captain Obvious of his job, the g-tec is a pen that does produce good handwriting.

8. The ink flow remains smooth even after extensive dropping. Capped, that is.

Although, I have dropped it capless before and despite having a bent nib, it still worked fine. Unfortunately, I tried to straighten it out but ended up breaking it (That wasn't a problem at all however, because I just replaced it with a new refill).

For a more detailed description of the G-TEC-C4, you can look at Cult Pens' writeup.

So now that you know all about my favourite pen, what about yours?

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