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Not everyone needs the new iPhone


Hed writer Lesley goes old school with a look at the kikki.K organizer...


I've been using a kiki. K organiser this year and it's been great. I discovered it by accident while shopping in Queen Victoria Building (QVB), and from the moment I stepped in the shop, I knew I'd have to buy something or I'd never forgive myself.

The Outside

This is my organiser. It's A6 in size, soft green and cloth-covered. There are, however, many other variations to choose from; all of which you can see here.


An elastic band, a shade lighter than that of the organiser, snaps squarely round the middle. The difference in width between the inside pages and the cover form a groove giving me just enough space to put my pen. The elastic band acts to secure it tightly in its place. I'm not sure if the organiser was actually designed to hold a pen in that fashion, but I'm really glad it does. It's so much more convenient to have pen and paper bundled together in such a neat package.

There's also a length of satin, of similar colour to the elastic band, that acts as a page marker. And I'm pleased to say it has yet to unravel!! Although I am waiting for the day that it does as I have yet to see a page maker that hasn't. It's too good to be true.My inner pessimist would like to point out that it is still only April.


The Inside

The organiser dedicates its first few pages to personal information, a calender, a monthly planner and a list of Australian public holidays. After which it launches straight into daily mode with Monday to Wednesday on the left page and Thursday to Sunday on the right. There are 6 lines allocated for each day. I personally find this sufficient because for me, the convenience of being able to carry my small A6 sized organiser with me everywhere outweighs having a large space to write in.



At the back, a generous 14 pages is provided for notes and 23 pages for contacts. Though, I'm not really sure why they thought it was necessary to allot spaces for 115 (23 x 5) addresses in this day and age.


So far my little green book has yet to fail me. It's compact, I can securely attach my pen and it's in a soothing green colour. And the Ooohs I get everytime I take it out help too!



Anyone have any good recommendations for similar organizers in the US and Europe?

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