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Joost for Heds


I have two Joost invitations to give to Med Heds.

Click through to find out how to snag one.


In case you haven't heard of Joost (pronounced "juiced"), it is the new online TV distribution project from the founders of Skype and Kazaa. Essentially you download the Joost client (Mac & PC) and watch TV from a selection of channels they provide.

From Wikipedia:

The program is based on P2PTV technology and is expected to deliver near-TV resolution images. It turns a PC into an instant on-demand TV without any need for additional set top box. News updates, discussion forums, show ratings, and multi-user chat sessions (often linked to the active stream/channel) are made possible through the use of semi-transparent widget overlays.

Viacom Inc. and Joost entered into a content provider agreement for the Joost platform on February 20, 2007. Under the agreement divisions of Viacom (including MTV Networks, BET Networks and Paramount Pictures) will license their "television and theatrical programing" to Joost.

I have two beta invitations to give away to Heds, so if you are interested in getting your hands on it before anyone else, just leave a comment below and I'll randomly pick two people. Remember, you have to be a Hed to be considered, so if you haven't yet signed up, do so now, it's free.

I'll be giving these away this week.

I also have three more to give away on my ZDNet blog.


I despise the tactic of using "Invites" to boost the demand for a web service. It is manipulative. It plays on the very ugly and ubiquitous human desire to belong to a group that excludes others.

Can I have one?

This sounds like something that I might want to try out. Although I wonder how they plan on making it reep a profit other than either make it a subscriber service or pumping it full of ads.

Id like a Joost invite. Im new to Heds.

Would love an invite, please hook me up.

Interested to see what the content is like. Invite would be sweet

I've been waiting for so time now, and still waiting.
Who knows, maybe u could help me?

still waiting for the first wave of invitations so I'll be happy to try it even sooner

As a filmmaker, stuff like Joost makes me wonder about my future prospects in a world where content is largely free or subsidized. As a media consumer, though, I'm thrilled to no end. What was that Chinese proverb again? "May you live in interesting times"?

I'd love an invite!

I'd like to cancel my cable and try an a la carte approach to video entertainment. Joost, MLB.tv, and iTunes subscriptions. Thanks!

i'd love an ivite to Joost

i'll mail you a thank you item if i get the invite.

Would love an invite if you have any left.

I would *love* an invitation.

Thank you :)

U convinced me to join. Now make it sticky by bribing me with a Joost beta !-)

I wish i could be one of the lucky ppl who got invitation of Joost signup.

Brand new MedHed. I suppose all Joost invitations are gone; but, I sure would like one. TkS!

Fingers crossed!

Since i am from India I could give you feedback as to Joost performance on lower bandwidths.

I'd love an invite too :)


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