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Jameson 1.0


Lot's of people think their model of dog is best, but I'm here to state for a fact that the Jameson v1.0 is the best model available.

Here's why....


First, the Jameson is a streamlined small and efficient design. Although it's stature is smaller than many other models, it is still extremely stylish.


The Jameson is also very compact which means it uses much less space than most.


Our research has shown that compared to other models, the Jameson is at least 40% more photogenic that other dogs, meaning that you get more value from your camera, since it requires less photos.


We've seen the Jameson "out-cute" other models by at least 80%.


Because of the efficiency of the design you'll find that the Jameson is easier to de-tangle than other models.


There are multiple skins you can choose to customize your Jameson.


Can be customized depending on the seasonal or holiday changes.


Best of all the Jameson is safe near water. The Jameson will approach but never, ever enter water. This means you can take the Jameson practically anywhere.


There are also a number of exceptionally useful features that come built-in with the Jameson. For one, the Jameson is a highly accurate tool for making measurements.


The Jameson will keep you warmer during those cold winter nights, without all the heavy bulk of those larger models.


Plus, the Jameson is highly energy efficient. When not running, the Jameson has an automatic sleep mode to save energy, thus requiring less fuel.


And finally, the Jameson Model 1.0 continues it's tradition of being eco-friendly.


Thus concludes the overview of the Jameson Model v1.0. While there are many excellent models of dog, it is clear to see that the Jameson is the finest model out there. Oh yeah...and did I mention...shes all mine!



Is the Jameson v 1.0 available for cloning?

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