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First Hed Giveaway: Belkin Skype Phone


I mentioned that once we made it to 100 Med Heds I'd start giving away some great stuff. We'll we've reached that milestone and so I'm starting out by giving away a Belkin Skype phone.

I've been using Skype cordless phones for a few months now and I have to say I love them. I'll never go back to a land line phone again.

This particular Belkin model is cordless and wireless...meaning you can take it anywhere and use it on any open or secured 802.11 network (provided you know the password). If you are interested in being selected for this giveaway, you must first make sure you are a Med Hed by registering here and then fill out the form in this blog entry. If you are already a Hed, simply fill out the four fields below.

Why fill out this form?

Instead of randomly picking a winner from all Med Heds, I'd really like to ensure it goes to a Hed that really wants it and will get lots of use out of it.

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