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Adagio Blooming Tea


"Only when I am asked out to tea I am never offered any."

-The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde


A lot of people have been writing about blooming teas recently, but I've been serving them at my home for the past two years, and while I don't drink them regularly, they make an outstanding treat for guests.

The Chinese art of sewing leaves into these teas is centuries old...but a new experience for many of us.

The company I buy my "display teas," as they call them, is Adagio...the same company I buy almost all my tea from.


When guests come over for tea I like to prepare my blooming teas in a large wine or martini glass. It really adds to the presentation. However, I have been known to serve them in a more ornamental bowl. The trick is that you want the bloom open enough to display the treasure hidden inside, so small tea cups or mugs are simply a waste.


However you choose to present them, it works quickly so you don't want to waste any time. Simply place the bloom into the glass of your choice and add the hot water.


You'll notice the bloom will start to open, but don't stir it or force it in any way. If you use a spoon or any other instrument on the bloom, you will likely dislodge the flowers within.


Adagio sells two types of blooming teas, a red bloom and a jasmine bloom. The red bloom is much more dramatic, but I actually prefer the taste of the jasmine bloom. One thing you might consider is that if your guests choose one of the tea flavors, you might select the other for yourself. This allows everyone to experience what both teas look like.


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