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Innovation Splitback Sofa Convertable


"No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat dog, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch."

-Leo Dworken

I love new furniture, but I hate furniture shopping when you are looking for something very specific.

Last year we knew we were going to have some guests spend the Thanksgiving holiday with us and we were once again looking at sleeping several nights on our air matress.


I hate air mattresses. When two people sleep on an air mattress, and one is 220 pounds and the other is 110 pounds, both people are going to have an uncomfortable evening, as one of those people will be continuously rolling on top of the other one. Since we were looking at about 7 uncomfortable evenings, we decided to look for an additional sofa for our home.

We wanted something that wasn't too expensive, but at the same time wasn't a complete piece of crap. It had to look good, match our sense of style, have solid construction, and collapse completely flat so that up to two people could rest comfortably.

It also could not look like it came right out of a dorm room.

So Ikea was out.

We went on what seemed like an endless search. From DWR to Room & Board...Jennifer Convertables...to Scandinavian Design. After two weeks of searching online and off...we simply couldn't find anything that fit what we were looking for. And then one morning, after brunch, we walked into one of our favorite furniture shops, Echo Furniture and came across the Innovation Splitback Sofa/Convertable.




Designed by Flemming Hojfeldt & Per Weiss, the Splitback sofa is the perfect solution for just about any space that needs something stylish and hip, but can also serve a dual function as a sleeping surface.

The Splitback is remarkably versatile in that it is light and easy to move, and even with it's simplicity, it can be tailored to accomodate just about any seating arrangements you can think of.


The back of the sofa can be adjusted to three positions by simply pulling/pushing up either of the two backs. As for upward seating, the sofa has one setting for a more relaxed lounging atmosphere, and a more upright upward position.

One of my favorite configurations for this sofa is having one back up in the lounge position, and the other back completely flat, which gives you a great vibe for friends allowing at least two people to sit up, and others to sit around the entire flat area. It makes this sofa a great piece of furniture when entertaining.


It comes in a number of fabrics and colors, including leather (a bit more expensive). The fabric we chose was a suede micro fiber with stain protection...and it is very soft.

Our dog is especially pleased with her new sofa, and we're happy as well...seeing as it is easy to clean with a handheld vacuum, and muddy paw prints wipe up easily.


As for sleeping, the cushioning is firm, which is something I like in a mattress. The real delight is that it takes only a matter of about 10 seconds to convert it from sofa to bed. Unlike a sofa bed that you pull out, there are no cushions to displace, no extra space needed, and no hard metal bar pressing into your back.


As I mentioned before, while it is a durable piece, it is also very light. The frame design is simple and is high enough off the ground to allow my robot vacuum to get underneath.

As for price, we paid nearly $1,000, but you can find them around the web for a little less, but once you add shipping that puts the price up a bit.



As for purchasing the Splitback in your area...I mentioned Echo Furniture above, as a good source for great things in San Francisco. The owner, Cliff, is a really nice guy and very helpful. We've bought quite a bit of furniture from him and we keep going back.

Echo Furniture
Clifford Williamson
3769 24th Street
San Francisco
415 643 3845

If you don't live in San Francisco, I can tell you that the significant other and I were at Room and Board about two weeks ago, and she noticed that they are carrying a sofa that I believe is an Innovation Splitback, but might be custom designed for them (it has an Innovation tag on it, but they call it the Encore).

The difference between the Room and Board version and the one we purchased is that it has three "splits" in the back instead of two.

You can find it here.

As for outside the US, visit the Innovation site to see if they have a dealer in your area.


I have one of those couches from a few years back, and it's great. My only problem with it is now that it's aging a little bit, I start to feel the frame through the split when reclining.

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