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Bodum Glassware


"Good design should not be expensive"

-Jorgen Bodum


No doubt you are familiar with the Danish kitchenware company Bodum and their line of coffee/tea pots and kitchen accessories.


However, did you also know they have an amazing and diverse line of affordable glassware?

I like my coffee drinks HOT, so my biggest pet peeve with glassware is that due to the materials used in manufacturing, the fluid tends to lose it's temperature too quickly. This is especially true with espresso drinks, as there is less fluid in the cup, so it gets colder much faster. After an extensive search for a perfect solution, I ran across the Bodum Pavina Double-Wall Thermo mugs at Tampopo in San Francisco.


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After trying them out for a week, I concluded that these were not only the best looking glasses I had owned, but the best performing glasses I'd ever owned. And I'm not the only one who thinks so...apparently these glasses are even good enough for Admiral Adama on the Battlestar Galactica.


Now I know it is strange to use the word "performing" when talking about a drinking glass, but in comparison to traditional glassware, cups, and mugs...there is a huge difference.

Because the cups have an insulated layer of air inside them, they not only keep beverages hotter, longer...but colder as well. Bodum glasses don't sweat, and therefore don't require coasters. To prove this I took two glasses, one regular glass from Ikea, and one Canteen Bodum glass. I filled them both with the same amount of ice and then poured in cold water.


After 15 minutes I revisited the glasses...


The regular Ikea glass has already lost most of it's ice and is sweating moisture. The Bodum Canteen, on the other hand, is crystal clear and still has most of the ice left over. And if the Bodum isn't sweating on the outside, you also know it doesn't transfer heat into your hand either.

In case you were curious about what makes Bodum glassware so special, here's some info from their own site:

Bodum's insulated glassware is made from durable Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a strong heat-resistant glass that weighs less than traditional glassware. Used to make scientific lab glass, borosilicate glass (medical grade glass) is stronger than traditional "soda-lime" glass and can be used for everything from drinkware to cookware.

Borosilicate is simply a different type of glass that is resistant to temperature swings and scratching. Because the particles are held together so tightly, borosilicate glass is dishwasher safe and will not become cloudy over time; you can rest assured that after 100 cycles, the glass will be as clear as the day you bought it. Simply treat it as you would any glass product and it will stand up to every day use. Dishwasher & microwave safe.

Our insulated, double wall glass is handmade by expert artisans. Because this glass is mouth-blown, each one may have slight differences in height, thickness & weight. These glasses will help to keep hot drinks warmer and cool drinks cooler.

Since my first experience with Pavina glass, I've gone on to purchase other items as well.




The Canteen glass makes not only a good coffee cup, but also is a great glass for cocktails.

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Bistro Champagne


This glass is not insulated like the others, but it makes a great glass for champagne. For one thing, they are thicker and more durable than most champagne glasses. They are also quite a bargain at about $5 a piece. I like the chunky stems and they provide a unique alternative look to typical flutes.

Buy Bistro Champagne

Assam Tea/Coffee Mug


Again, not insulated glass, but I bought this specifically for large mugs of hot tea, where I actually want the temperature to cool faster. The stylized glass and handle are great to look at and your guests will swoon over the design.

Buy Assam Tea/Coffee Glass

Final Words
When I originally ordered my champagne flutes over the Internet, one set in particular had a small chip in the base. I emailed Bodum and they immediately sent a new set of flutes, no questions asked. That type of customer service always wins me over.

About Bodum
The BODUM Group is, and always has been, a 100% family-owned business. Today it is owned by Pia and Joergen Bodum, daughter and son of founder Peter Bodum.

The company operates in 17 different countries with over 600 employees worldwide.

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