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Become a Hed!


The Supreme Hed is going to start giving some stuff away once we hit 100 Med Heds. The sooner you sign up, the faster we'll get there.

Signing up is free and only takes a minute. And here's what you get if you become a Hed:

1. You'll get some exclusive content not published here (secret site - shhhh).
2. You'll get a chance to win free stuff.
3. You WON'T get hammered every single day with emails like many sites do.
4. You get my personal email address and IM so you can ask me questions about what you see here.
5. Did I mention the free stuff you might win???
6. And more stuff as I think of it.

Remember...Med Hed is a good stuff blog. There is nothing here that we don't love...and everything here has not only been tested, but it is sticky (after 3 months we still use it)! We don't just review something for a week and send it back. If we own it and love it...chances are you will too!

Anyone can write a good review...the question is...will you keep using it? That's the true test of value.

Click through to sign up!


what up with not being able to "send" or complete the Become a Hed form. Damn yo.

Not sure what problem you are having with the form. First I've heard of it. Can you tell me more?

The Hed

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