USA About To Go Hypernova

Can you be America's next breakout band, even if you aren't from America? Or, for that matter, from the U.K., Europe, Canada, or even South America? We think so. Because the band you should be listening to right now is Hypernova and they may be the next big thing, but they aren't from the U.S.; they hail from Iran. Yes, that's right, Iran. A nation where playing rock and roll is a crime, punishable by huge fines, arrest, and even public flogging.


The White Buffalo Migrates East

What makes a legend? I'm not sure what the formula is, but I'm pretty sure I'm seeing one in the making. Los Angeles-based musician, The White Buffalo , a.k.a. Jake Smith, is one of those rare singer-songwriters who has an uncanny ability to transport you to another place or time. Listening to just about any track of his latest self titled EP or recently re-released album (Hogtied Revisited) is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of sonic goodness. There's a remarkable honesty in this music, filled with dark imagery combined with the beauty of the natural world, which seems to hark back to a raw time in America's dark alleys and bars. It's this dichotomy of light and dark that is so fascinating and appealing. Planet Green caught up with The White Buffalo and learned a bit about his habitat, musical inspirations, and his surprising tennis court skills. 


Howard Jones: Still a Buddhist, Vegetarian, Music-Making Activist After All These Years

After 25 years of making great music, Howard Jones is still going strong. With a new album called "Ordinary Heroes," the famous vegetarian and Buddhist has created an album about the hero within us all.


Ellyn Maybe and Tommy C. Jordan Ride in a ‘Rodeo for the Sheepish

I had never heard of Ellyn Maybe before a chance meeting in Los Angeles. Shame on me, considering her poetry pedigree is practically second to none. With her latest project, a spoken word/music album, Rodeo for the Sheepish, it is easy to see why she was named one of ten poets to watch in the new millennium by Writer's Digest.

What's particularly delightful about this album is that in addition to hearing her perform her poems, the album is also full of the vocal stylings of Tommy C. Jordan, of whose band Geggy Tah David Byrne once said:

"Geggy Tah are so post modern that they've come out the other side."

Incubus and the Santa Barbara Bowl Go(at) Green

Last week, Grammy Award Nominated band Incubus and the Santa Barbara Bowl took some very cool steps to reduce their carbon footprint with three new programs.

Land Fill Reduction
Bicycle Valet
And Goats

Yes Goats.

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