alan graham

Doing social media when it was unsociable.

I’ve appeared in Macworld, MacAddict, and several O’Reilly books. Featured in Wired Magazine, The Jim Lehrer Newshour, CNET, Slashdot, The London Observer, Boing Boing, Lockergnome, Linux Journal, and Po Bronson’s NY Times Bestseller, “The Nudist on the Lateshift.”

I may or may not be the nudist.

I created the world’s first Travelblog in 2001, called VisorAdventure. I travelled 10,000 miles across the US using only a wireless Handspring PDA to prove that mobile computing was possible, 6 years before the iPhone. 

In 2002 I had an idea to create a book based on blogs as literature. When my agent approached the big NYC publishers, their response:

“No one’s going to care what a bunch of nobodies online have to say about anything.”

That’s an actual quote.

The book was assembled with the help of co-editor Bonnie Burton of LucasFilm and hit bookshelves in 2004. Many of the writer’s featured have gone on to fame for their writing, including Heather Armstrong, Wil Wheaton, Choire Sicha, & Mark Fraunfelder. With my own social networking/marketing I sold out its first printing in 2 weeks with no marketing budget.


In the past 20 years I’ve worked with Better Homes & Gardens, Paramount Pictures,, The Well, Fiskars, Feedster, Apple, Sonos, Sausage Software, Dave’s Gourmet, & ICentral to name just a few.


Pre-IPO Marketing Manager for Sausage Software, makers of the world’s first commercial html editor and micropayment solution. Australia’s first internet IPO at $90 million AUS.

VP of Sales and Business Development for ICentral, makers of ShopSite Pro. Acquired by OpenMarket for $12 million.

Chief Technology Evangelist for PresenceWorks. Funded by Governor Mark Warner (founder of Nextel) and Raymond Smith (CEO of Verizon).

O’Reilly/Make author

ZDNet author of the original Web 2.0 blog.

Did the R&D for the first two editions of David Pogue’s Missing Manual: OS X

Marketing Manager/Community Liaison for RSS search pioneer Feedster.

One of the founders of the influential monthly SF tech mixer, SFWIN.

Community and Music Liaison for Discovery Channel properties Planet Green and TreeHugger. Also creator, producer, designer of Discovery’s first music site, Instrumental.

Consulting Director of Technology and Social Strategies for Bandwagon.

Worked with The White Buffalo, The Fray, David Gray, Cy Curnin, Calexico, The Crystal Method, and many more. 

I’m releasing a new book in 2013.

I’m a pilot for both fixed wing and rotocraft, and have logged almost 100 hours as Captain of my 43’ Bayliner boat.



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